How to search for files in Digital Library

There is a basic search function always visible under the Welcome message on the right hand side. On the front page you can also see the same search box below the banner image. In the basic search you can choose image, literature or search both.

In the left menu you can also find the Advanced Search. Here you can specify filetype, which folder and many more specific search attributes. An 'Attribute' is a value given to a file such as Language, Document Number, Dimensions, Original File name etc. 

If you wish to learn more about the search functions we recommend using the help function 'Help for this page' located in the upper right corner. You can use the help section on any page in Digital Library and it will give you specific tips on how to navigate and find what you need.

How to use Filters

Each document in Digital Library is tagged with a language.  If you want to see a specific language select it in the dropdown menu on the left hand side and it will only show you documents in the selected language. This is only possible for documents and not images. If you perform a search with the filter active it will give you a notice that you have a filter active.